I am new to this, so please be kind.
I like to watch films, every day, so I thought it was about time that I made use of my skill of enduring endless films and books, not that I have much of a writing skill, as you can most probably see from this ‘About’ page. Who needs an ‘About’ page anyway? I am quite opinionated and quite naturally analytical and am exhausted with the 140 character limit on twitter and the uninterested followers as I rant about movies and books. I am hoping that wordpress can be both my movie vent and my muse.

I shall try and keep this blog as constant as my tiny brain can manage, but apologies if I do not post for a while, and then fire continuous posts all at once. I am my own person,  I hope you like my blog.
p.s I am an underachiever who rarely completes personal targets (or any target for that matter), and this is one that I am adamant to complete, be it a painful experience or a happy one. I hope I stick to this, and not throw it into the collection with all my other uncompleted targets. Happy blogging.

If you need to contact me, about whatever whenever, my email is-



15 thoughts on “About

  1. It is a daunting prospect starting a blog! I only started mine in December and it is so much fun already!! Don’t be so down on yourself – be positive and people will give positive feedback in my minuscule experience 🙂

    • I know! I only started mine last week but I think I am starting to enjoy it! Thank you for your advice though, I shall take it onboard and hopefully get the most out of my blogging experience 😀

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