Top 5 Worst Film Endings

Nothing quite spoils a movie like a bad ending. It is just so frustrating when you are enjoying a perfectly good film which is then stomped on in the final act. I do understand that writing an ending to a movie can be extremely daunting, and there are few things more daunting, however, I am afraid I have little sympathy for people who ruin movie endings. No matter how good the rest of the movie is, the last line, the lasts shot and the last sound are what the audience will walk out of the cinema remembering and thinking about. There is such an outrage from The Devil Inside ending (well I say ‘ending’ it really was a googleing task that the movie set the audience), that I thought I would try and pick out 5 movie endings that really would give The Devil Inside a run for its money, or lack of money for that matter. Will these movies beat possibly the worst movie ending of all time, or will none of these live up to the unintentional horror that shook us after viewing that conclusion. Well, let’s have a go.

p.s Be aware of some spoilers, please sympathise as it is hard to write a post about endings without including some spoilers.

5. Planet of the Apes2e740362f391ede9_large

Panic over, this isn’t the 1968 original we are taking about, that film had one of the most satisfying endings in movie history, right now, we are talking about the Tim Burton remake. In this ending, Marky-Mark returns home (thank god, what would we have done without that musical talent) to find General Thade’s ape mug replacing Abraham Lincolns in the memorial (I would have liked to see Spielberg direct that version of Lincoln). But why? Although the shot was aesthetically pleasing, it had no relation to the  context of the film. But Thade was defeated. How did that happen? How was the time-line altered? Whaaaaaat? It just seems like another pathetic attempt at trying out a twist that never even looked good on paper. Not a good call, Mr Burton, stick to Johnny Depp and animations.

4. War of the Worldswar-of-the-worlds_185 (1)

Despite the huge devastation occurring on planet Earth and Spielberg managing to paint a chilling and captivating prediction of what would happen to the human race if there was an alien invasion- he sabotages it all with the coddled ending. Spielberg shows us that not even mass alien operated genocide can’t stop a hearty American town looking exciting and homely. The ending brings together seemingly dead people with a heartfelt return of the teenage boy- isn’t it just dandy how everything can go back to normal now? Excluding the whole alien invasion fiasco and everything. Next time- Spielberg save the happy ending and please give us an accurate account and a plausible ending.

3. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

It ends with Aragon becoming king, right? No wait, he marries that elf. No wait, it ends with the Hobbits returning to The Shire, and Sam getting married. Oh no, Frodo writes that account of what happened, doesn’t he? Now the credits will roll…..oh no, now Frodo leaves with Gandalf, Bilbo and a hand full of elves. Is that the ending? Can anxiety stop? Phew. Not that these scenes are bad, they are satisfying and fairly interesting but the cumulative ending is just stressful, I mean, just end the film already.

2. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

The epic Star Wars saga and franchise ended with….dancing Ewoks. The only thing that could have possibly made that worse is if Jar Jar Binks made a sudden appearance… That whole touchy-feely thing George Lucas tried to create just ruined it all for me. I don’t want to see fur-balls dancing around, hugging and kissing each other. Oh look- another reason to hate George Lucas right into the memory bank- not only did he produce a terrible ending- he also produced an ending that fans will hate but will make him money from merchandise. I hate Ewoks.

1. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skullfilm piece - endings indy

Finally, the worst of the worst movie endings, and once again, down to George Lucas. Contradicting the opening paragraph, this film wasn’t good anyway, so the ending didn’t so much surprise, nevertheless it is still awful. The whole end scene just feels like recycled material from George Lucas’s Star Wars prequels. Trying to explain the ending without being laughed at or people not believing you is a tedious task in itself, let alone watching it. Don’t you just think it is just swell that the aliens managed to blow off the badies head and fly away without even touching Indiana Jones’s precious Fedora, I do love believable films.  I think if there was any franchise in which aliens had no belonging it is definitely Indiana Jones. This really was the worst ending that has even graced my eyes, although this may also be the worst film that has ever graced my eyes (excluding, The Room).

Well, I guess that concludes this post. I do hope that film makers have learnt something from these awful film endings, and most directors have improved after making such horrific conclusions (ruling out George Lucas, he will never change). I would love to hear if you think any of these are as bad as I do; or if they are as bad as The Devil Inside; or even an ones that you think should have made it onto this list.


14 thoughts on “Top 5 Worst Film Endings

  1. As much as I love the Indy series I have yet to see Crystal skull, better for me to pretend it never existed. However remember the end to Raiders… Indy defeats the whole Nazi regieme by simply closing his eyes! Amazing film but I always thought that was a funny ending, it made sense but him and Marian just close their eyes, and everone is dissolved, Classic!

    • I also like to pretend that Kingdom of the Crystal Skull never really existed! Imagine the ending of Raiders of the Lost Ark but x10 more disastrous. I was so disappointed with this as I love Indiana Jones and his adventures.

  2. I remember watching The Return of The King at the cinema and praying it would be over soon. Still could of been worse, I heard the DVD extras has even more deleated scenes…scary thought!

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