5 reasons why I love Quentin Tarantino.

It is safe to say that most people reading this will be familiar with the name ‘Quentin Tarantino’. I know what you are probably thinking, ‘oh god, another post praising Quentin Tarantino’ ‘will she ever stop?’, however, this is a post to justify exactly why I love him so much. I apologies that my last post ‘Inglourious Basterds review‘ also involved rambling about Tarantino. Although I did not create the blog as a means to praise Mr Tarantino  in fact, I didn’t even plan to talk about him, I feel like now most people on WordPress are well aware of my feelings towards him. To be fair, anyone that reads my blog on here knows my opinions on most things, which are usually quite strong. And for this, I am deeply sorry. But, it’s not over yet. Back to Quentin Tarantino, I find it quite hard to fully explain why I am so drawn to both him, his directing and his characters, and through this post, I will try and explain why.

Personally, I don’t believe that Quentin Tarantino has made a bad film, but of course I would say that, I kiss the ground he walks on. I do believe that people over react about Death Proof– it isn’t bad, it just isn’t up to his usual standards. To be honest, you are quite lucky that I cut the reasons down to 5.

p.s maybe the real reason I talk about Quentin Tarantino so much on WordPress is that people get tired of my nagging and no-one I know shares my love. They don’t have an option to hear about it, at least on WordPress you do. 

tumblr_mgn1bcOHTM1qbsjqno1_5005) His profile

First off, his name is Quentin Tarantino, we aren’t talking about a ‘George Lucas‘ here, this man has an eccentric name for a start. Tarantino’s reputation for insanity is charismatic in a glorious way. He certainly is a character. Yes he has had incidents with the press and interviewers, but they are incredibly interesting. In some I pity him, due to them asking him questions to purposefully aggravate him, but his boisterous personality is fun to watch. He is an over-excitable movie-buff and when interviewers and press show interest in either movies or him, he starts opening up.

I think the fact that he is such a movie buff, that didn’t study film makes him slightly more relatable. It is almost like he keeps the pop-culture act through to his personality and not just his movies. It just seems like he has equal footing with his audience. His movies are so unrelatable to other movies that they stand alone, much like the director himself.


4) Collaborators

Come on, Samuel L Jackson?!? Who doesn’t like Samuel L Jackson?! In fact, Tarantino has collaborated with so many infectiously cool people he could fill a book. Samuel L Jackson, Uma Thurman, Christoph Waltz, Harvey Keitel and even more owe some of their best renowned work to Mr Tarantino.

Not only does he show these mind-blowingly eccentric actors to us ‘norms’ on the big screen, he also creates well-rendered and completely captivating characters to go a long, never mind chucking in samurai swords, guns and blood. In fact, Christoph Waltz two Oscars are completely down to Quentin Tarantino, and he fully acknowledges this (not that he was the only reason, obviously Waltz’s incredible talent helped). Not only this, but John Travolta owes a lot to Quentin Tarantino, he completely turned him around and revived his whole career.

3) His Soundtracks

Quentin Tarantino describes his soundtracks as ‘mix-tapes I’d make for you at home’ and I couldn’t agree more, they are so relatable and recognizable and this is what makes them so illustrious. The songs he uses have such meaning and depth behind them and are such an accurate description of what is going on in the film it is incredible. Who remembers the use of Nancy Sinatra’s ‘Bang Bang’ in the most well-known dancing murder scene ever? Everyone does. See, that is why I love Quentin Tarantino, he has now branded that particular scene in Kill Bill to that song. At the same time, the song represents everything that is going on in that film, as well as the emotion behind it, despite it not being written for the film. One of the things Tarantino is best known for are his iconic opening scenes, not really consisting of much cinematography, but instead songs that pretty much sum up the whole movie before it has even started.

thumb_33296_story_large2) Filmography

This is a fairly obvious reasoning to like Tarantino, but nevertheless, it is still a valid reason. After Tarantino’s explosion into the cinematic world with Pulp Fiction his films and his persona became gradually more famous. Even people a whole generation after the Tarantino-era can quite easily quote his films and are fully aware of the impact and flourishes.

The exact reason behind his success is that he is the audience, he makes films that he would want to see, and as he is such a film fanatic and a film buff, they are extremely popular. Half of his films you don’t realise you want to see, but they captivate you. I didn’t know that I wanted to watch a film involving a cinema burn down with Nazi’s inside; nor did I realise that I wanted to see a film with Uma Thurman slicing up 88 crazy gangsters; nor see a film involving American soldiers take multiple soldiers scalps off with a knife (Tarantino taught me about ‘scalping’) but when I did everyone knew about it and everyone I know was forced to watch it, liking Tarantino or not.

For me, all of his films are enjoyable, he injects so much personality into them, we are lucky he is such an inherently cool guy. His filming is beautiful, his script is eye-wateringly good and his characters individual and easy to connect with.

1) Reinvention

Name two Quentin Tarantino films that are of the same genre. And before you say it, Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction aren’t; if you have seen both the films you will see the unfair categorization of both these films. Each film may stand with the same characteristics, such as heavy violence, crude language, relatable scores and zany dialogue, but no genre is the same. He doesn’t only surprise the audience by taking well-known actors and taking them out of their comfort zone; he surprises them with new and unusual genres with each film release. This is probably why everyone (including me) gets so worked up about new releases.

Kill Bill was a reaction to Japanese cinema, Django a spaghetti western, Death Proof to grind-house cinema and Inglourious Basterds a war film, each completely different.

Well that concludes my rant. Tarantino still surprises, be it scripts, violence, genre, casts, score or anything else, and this is why I appreciate his films so much.The thing that I probably adore most about this director is his collaboration between pop-culture and cinema. I apologise for this and I promise that I shall not post another Tarantino rant for a while, to even everything out on my blog. However, I cannot deny my love for him, and I really believe that if he didn’t indulge himself in the length of his films too much, he would give Kubrick a run for his money, as well as going down as one of the greatest directors of our day(if he hasn’t already).

‘When people ask me if I went to film school I tell them, ‘no, I went to films.’ – Quentin Tarantino


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