5 reasons to dislike George Lucas

Everyone appears to have some kind of opinion on George Lucas, be it good or bad. However, being the strongly opinionated person I am, I have many opinions on Mr Lucas. With the new Star Wars being announced, and with all the (never ending) talk of George Lucas selling Star Wars, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon. After deciding to spend a day watching all the star wars (yes, including the devastating prequels) I have figured out why I really do hate George Lucas. I am aware this blog is in a slight rant-form, so I will try and be as collected as possible, and shall try my best to be calm(ish). Despite the title already explaining my views on the man, I will elaborate.

p.s I decided that ‘dislike’ was better to go with, rather than ‘hate’, due to the constant nagging I get from friends asking ‘how can I hate someone that I don’t know’. They are usually unprepared and oblivious to the rant that I then greet them with.

(a lot of my blog posts recently have been lists, apologies)

5. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Aliens. ALIENS. That is all.

4. He appears to think the audience are stupid. 

I mean, George, I am really happy you reminded us what the Death Star was throughout the whole of episode II, because you know what? I completely forgot about Episode IV and I forgot that you told us about 5 minutes ago. You sure are a good writer and director. It just bugs me that he feels the need to tell the 3 people that haven’t watched A New Hope what everything is, and why it is there. Funnily enough, the audience do actually know what is going on in the movie, and if they didn’t, it is extremely easy to pick up.

3. He is constantly trying to find new ways of making money. 

georgelucasNot that there is anything wrong with trying to make a living, or anything wrong with wanting to make more money, but it just feels like he isn’t doing it for the sake of his movies, or for the sake of his franchise. For example, trying to make N’Sync a cameo in Star Wars episode II (not that they could possibly make it worse anyway) just feels like he is cheating something that other people have put so much hard work and effort into, just to get more publicity and make more money. I don’t know about you, but I just feel like he cares less and less about the art of film making and more and more about making money, which is completely unfair on the directors who sit and film for endless hours, getting paid minimal amounts, doing it just to make art. George Lucas just seems more and more aloof, disinterested, detached and nonchalant, in any movie he directs, not just Star Wars or Indiana Jones.

2. Refusing to let Spielberg direct a Star Wars film 

I personally believe that George Lucas is a poor director, not necessarily a poor writer, he obviously has some talent as he has made it so far, I just don’t think his strong point is directing. My main problem with it is the fact that he doesn’t concentrate on the characters enough, he crushes in as much as possible to add to the ‘big picture’, with effects, sounds, visuals etc, but he leaves the characters wooden, and it is no fault of the actors (they have soared in other films). I believe that just as much effort needs to be put into the protagonists compared to visuals. George Lucas spends too much time thinking about the whole picture, not the whole outcome and how the characters will come across on the screen. He kills off characters that he deems ‘unimportant’, which are usually the characters the audience love. As well as this, he really doesn’t think carefuly about plot holes, nor about details involving the characters. That is why the best Star Wars are the ones he didn’t direct. Furthermore, just adding in Spielberg would change a whole lot, everyone liked their Indiana Jones collaboration, didn’t they? Either way, I think that George Lucas needs to accept that he really isn’t a talented director, he needs to recognize his strengths, I think that is the really point I am trying to make, it has nothing to do with Spielberg.

1. He is surrounded by ‘yes’ people

I think the number 1 thing that irritates me about George Lucas is that he is surrounded by people that will agree with him no matter what, but I guess that’s is what comes naturally when you have such a high status. I accept the fact that he is quite a talented story-writer when it comes to thinking up the initial idea, however, he takes credit for a lot of peoples work, just because he came up with the initial idea, and I think that is totally immoral and wrong. He isn’t a very talented script writer nor screenplay. I wonder why he has gotten so far in the first place. If George Lucas mentioned how he wanted  a snake to swallow Indiana Jones in a new upcoming film, in which Indiana Jones is 70 years old, that would happen. and the worst thing? If it goes under, I guarantee that he would either blame the fans, for no longer having faith in Indiana Jones, or he would blame someone he collaborated with, and if it rises? Well of course, he would take all the glory. That’s how you get to the top, isn’t it? I think it is about time that someone took him down a peg or two, and finally said ‘no’ to an idea that really wasn’t good to begin with.

Well, that ends my unnecessary rant, and the most I can do is apologize. I think the real problem I have is not with George Lucas specifically (it is), but more so to the directors who steal all the glory of the hardworking people who earn minimal amounts. Even so, I am fed up with any ‘sell out’ directors, who seem to be in it for the money. I really feel like the film industry needs more directors that care about the arts, and acknowledge the support they gain from the writers, actors, sound technicians, cinematographers etc. Once again, apologies for the rant, but WordPress is the only place I can vent this kind of stuff without being locked in a mental institution as I shout at strangers.


Why can’t everyone in the film industry be as humble as this man?


George Lucas really saved Star Wars by sacking George Lucas


2 thoughts on “5 reasons to dislike George Lucas

  1. Good article. Agree with most of what you have to say and hate isn’t too strong a word haha. Two things though: As a script-writer, I can tell you that George Lucas isn’t an amazing writer. As good as Star Wars is, the dialogue is awful. And when making New Hope (admittely, before Star Wars, so he probably wasn’t as surrounded by Yes-men, as he was during the prequels), the actor he hired to play C3-PO turned down the role (and loads of money), because he thought Lucas was directing the character wrong and he knew a guy who could play C3-PO in a better way (the actor who ended up playing him). So, early on, people were standing up to him.

  2. I agree with you with writing terms- he is terrible at scripts, he is definitely more talented at coming up with ideas, despite ruining them when he elaborates and no one is there to tell him no (just look at Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the Crystal Skull) I am in constant fear of upsetting die-hard Star Wars fans hahaha. Although this article is aimed at George Lucas, it is a lot to do with directors in general that take their position for granted! I am glad that someone stood up to him, I just wish it was occurring more frequently nowadays.

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