Marvel Vs DC

One of the longest ongoing arguments between comic book and/or movie fans is ‘what is better, Marvel or DC’, well, according to the U.S box office, Marvel films have triumphed over DC, but which comic books make more money?

I think liking Marvel to DC is a bit like preferring Coke to Pepsi, it is all down to personal taste and it is hard to explain why you prefer one to the other, however, being the heavily opinionated person that I am, I can try my best to explain why I personally prefer Marvel and try and weigh out Marvel and DC.

Firstly, for those who may get mixed up between them; DC superheros tend to be the more ‘classic’ ones, such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aqua Man etc, whereas Marvel consist of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, (The Avengers), Magneto, Professor X, Wolverine, Spider-man  Deadpool etc. 


Now, in my personal opinion I find Marvel comics more real; and I know this sounds stupid but hear me out. Generally, with Marvel superheroes they are ordinary people that extraordinary things have happened to (excluding gods). For example, the X-Men are all mutants, Hulk was subjected to high levels of radiation, Captain America was a science experiment and Iron Man was a weapon manufacturer who had a heart problem. I know it sound stupid but it really does feel more realistic than DC’s usual of aliens or beefed up rich guys with fancy cars and a lot of training. Feel free to disagree with me. (it also helps that Marvel movies are made better, so this increased my love for the original comics)

I also appreciate that Marvel keeps with the same writers throughout the comics. There is nothing worse than contradictions and when a writer foreshadows and the following writer does not notice so ignores it. It also keeps the theme similar and the writing similar. For example, Brian Micheal Bendis and Mark Bagley did a record-setting 111 issue run on Ultimate Spider-Man, and it was great because there were no continuity errors and the writing was consistent. Hats off to them. Marvel are also good at splitting up their vast collection of characters into many groups and sub-groups further (like an OCD’s dream)

However, Marvel must do something wrong? images

What Marvel does wrong. 

Marvel really does like to milk it. If they find a character that fans like, even the smallest amount, they make more and more series, only to find out that fans weren’t even bothered in the first place. For instance, you think Deadpool is alright? Yes. Want 4 series of Deadpool? Definitely not. Everyone knows that it would be nicer to see more of Spider-man than Deadpool, and that only has 1 ongoing series.

Furthermore, Marvel love to shock, but once they do, they realise it is too much and want to backtrack. Who remembers when Spider-man revealed his identity? Peter sure got a lot of hate from fans, but Marvel insisted on keeping the plot, until they decided that Peter was to bargain with the devil and was then miraculously forgotten by the whole world and no longer associated with Spider-man. Nice one Marvel.

p.s the comics are also overpriced.

What about DC?

Good things about DC

Well, first off, the characters are positively badass. They also stick to their guns and brand a lot of comic book stereotypes and common grounds as ‘DC’. DC have spat out so many ‘crisis’ comics and now whenever I hear ‘crisis’ the natural reaction is DC. (which is awful because if there is a crisis, I just start to think of comic books). DC also follow characters more individually than Marvel do, and this is a refreshing change as you start to *wheeze* connect *wheeze* with the characters more than in Marvel comics (apologies if you think this is sad, but it is true). images (1)

What DC have done wrong 

DC constantly bring people back from the dead. They seem to think that killing off characters is a quick and easy way to sell comics, and then what do they do when they regret their deaths? Bring them back. Now that really annoys me. DC also make the characters slightly unbelievable, with leagues mostly consisting of aliens or some supernatural god-like form, and this just doesn’t make them seem cool nor partly relatable. They also like to mix genres, with time travel, space time continuum, sci-fi ect, and this just doesn’t feel *right* to me.

Personally, I will always be devoted to Marvel, although I try my best to keep it broad and read DC occasionally. I have tried my best to explain why I sway more toward Marvel, however, I doubt I have won anyone over. Like I said before, it’s like choosing between Coke or Pepsi; they are so incredibly similar but so different at the same time. I think it really depends on personal taste and what you grew up with. I will always be a devoted Marvel fan and I will continue to be.  I would also love to hear peoples opinions, so please tell!


Another Marvel failure? Casting Chris Evans as Johnny Storm AND Captain America. sigh.


5 thoughts on “Marvel Vs DC

  1. I always preferred Marvel to DC too. The only DC characters that match up to Marvel are the Watchmen and Batman. But that is DC’s ace card: the Batman villains are so cool, so eccentric and so wild that no other comic can compare to them.

    • I totally agree! The most Marvel-like character in DC is Batman and the most DC-like Marvel character is Captain America! I have never really got into DC characters as much as Marvel, thanks for commenting and sharing my opinion.

  2. I’ve also preferred Marvel because I felt like they are more grounded on reality. I grew up reading spiderman and xmen. So I can really relate to any of the DC over the top heroes. I never even liked Thor growing up because I always believed that he was a god and un-relatable. Until I saw the movie ( I know it took a while) and marvel addressed that very issue and brought down to earth, quite literally. Just like you I believe that Captain america is the most DC character. But unlike you, I think that batman is right up there with supes as one of the most un-relatable char, there is nothing “real” about him. I always thought green lantern was the closest to marvel, so much so that marvel as it’s Nova corp. Great article. Keep on keep on!

    • I completely agree with you! I also grew up reading Marvel and I think them to be more ‘realistic’ and I feel like i can empathise with the characters. I am surprised at your green lantern comments, and you are the first person I have heard say that. I think the reason I believe Batman to be more Marvel than DC is nothing to do with the actual character, Batman, but the flamboyant villains the comics boast, they are very Marvel. Thank you for the compliment and thank you for reading and commenting!

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