5 things I want to come out of this year.

2013, a new start, a new me. No. However, I do want a few things to come out of 2013, and surprise surprise they are all to do with film (although it would be out of character and weird if I decided to blog about personal goals and plans). I am feeling that 2013 will be a good year for film, what with the new Hobbit , Iron Man 3, The Wolverine, Thor: The Dark World and the remake of Carrie all being released and Sinatra (which as you can probably tell, I am ecstatic for, especially since it is directed by the master Martin Scorsese) and Jurassic Park IV being written. However, this is unsatisfying to all my film needs, (although I am extremely excited for this year in film) so I have made a list of 5 things I want out of this year. 

(once again, attempting to create some kind of tension and counting backwards)

5. Learn about the art of film making (documentary, bio pic, passing on knowledge, anything will be much appreciated)

I want to know more about film. Whether this be on writing, directing, editing or anything, I really really want to obtain more knowledge on the production and analysis of films. In an ideal world; this would be in my favorite form, a film. I would love if a well respected director released a film on film making and film production, so all of us wannabees out there could have a small chance to feel like we are part of films, to let us empathize with the film makers. I would even love a bio-pic about a famous director, one with less drama that satisfies the needs of a simple civilian that wants to know about film making (Hitchcock was inadequate see previous review).

I would much appreciate it is anyone could recommend and good books or documentaries or even tell me something about the process and art of making films.

4. Christoph Waltz to star in a big non-Tarantino film 

Hopefully, with his ear.

Hopefully, with his ear.

Christoph Waltz is by far one of my favorite actors, he graces the screen with such character that is makes me utterly euphoric. He brings such character to each of the roles that Tarantino has given him and makes the impossible roles to play, possible. I love this man. However, I would love to see him act in a film, that has given him a part that he is able to devour (and not a part in a cheesy Rom-Com like Carnage, or a failed film like Water for Elephants). I really think that it is time for Mr Waltz to make his first baby steps into the real world of cinema, without Tarantino holding his hand a long the way, and I believe that Christoph Waltz will triumph. Having won 2 Oscars already, I am confused to why he hasn’t been snapped up by any other major directors (unless Tarantino bears Waltz’s invisible chains). Either way, I would love to see Christoph Waltz in a completely new role outside of Tarantino’s boundaries, and preferably not in German.

3. Announce that 11.22.63 or Under the Dome (Stephen King) is to be made into a film . 

I adore both of these books, and throughout them both, I couldn’t help but think what great films they would make. I would daydream about Spielberg making Under the Dome and David Lynch ( unusual choice, I know) making a glorious adaptation of 11.22.63. There needs to be a good time travel movie coming out soon, and I believe that 11.22.63 could be that; or Under the Dome being that sci-fi we all long for. Either way, with less and less people reading, more and more Stephen King films need to be made- everybody needs a bit of Stephen King horror in their lives, don’t they?

3. A good Horror film. 

Continuing from my previous wish, the horror and thriller genre are at their low point. There used to be days when horror was good, and not laughable, with Silence of the Lambs, The Shining, The Haunting, Psycho and The Exorcist. There used to be times when screams were highly audible from each screening of the latest horror, now the screenings mostly involve heavy laughter at ridiculous situations and cringing at the awful genre-mixing.

Genre mixing seems to be one of the biggest problems- with comedy usually being thrown into the screenplay, adding to the ambiguity and laugh-ability. Many directors don’t seem to realise that by adding in a joke every 10 minutes, it lightens the mood and lowers the horror factor. To really get scared you need to be plonked into the situation of the protagonist, and not be able to escape until the credits roll. It appears that most horrors of today consist of blood and guts rolling around the floor, however, being used to Tarantino, this isn’t much, and it certainly isn’t horror. in 2013 I want a horror that will scare and thrill, and not disgust. I want to see another great classic, that is so awfully sinister that it will be banned from certain cinemas due to the reaction. Is that too much to ask?

*drum roll*

1. A good Gangster film. 

Similar to the horror franchise; gangster movies have both deteriorated and become increasingly scarce. There was a time when good gangster films were been shot out at an uncontrollable rate, each as good or even better as the previous. Remember the Godfather trilogy? Reservoir Dogs? Goodfellas? Scarface? Heat? I sorely miss Gangster movies, I suppose the real issues lies with the time taken to make each film, with careful editing and immense fights they do take their time. But hey, you can’t hurry a masterpiece? I suppose Hollywood just seems to want to spit out movies at a ever growing pace, be them good or bad. Hollywood seems to just not have the time nor the patience to make any long winded but fantastic movies,like those stated above, any more; and that is the real shame.

Al Pacino disapproves.

So, my main request for film makers of 2013 is a top gangster film, and I know this is asking for a lot. This film needs to be as action packed and as well written and staged as The Godfather was, otherwise Hollywood will just embarrass itself with films like ‘Gangster Squad’. Masterpieces can’t be rushed Hollywood, they can’t be rushed. I am hoping that one day, the gangster movies will once again hit off and triumph over all of the industry; finally, reach its podium and sit among the classics like Heat, Scarface and the Goodfellas.

(p.s, lets just say I wouldn’t exactly complain if Ben Affleck decided to retire either)


4 thoughts on “5 things I want to come out of this year.

  1. There are some good horrors out there. I personally love Insidious. Woman in Black is another good one and ‘Strangers’ has its moments. But yes, I hate horror comedies with a passion.

    • I did enjoy Woman in Black, but I couldn’t really appreciate Insidious and I really don’t know why. I will check out Strangers! Directors need to know what not to merge with Horror, I think the only thing that could possibly be worse than comedy is musical….
      Thanks for the comment ! x

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