The Shining Sequel, ‘Doctor Sleep’, to be released in September.

So, what happened to Danny Torrance after his father went crazy? What happened to the young boy in Stephen Kings – The Shining after he survived such horrific and gory events? Well, the anticipation and the imagining can stop on the 24th of September, as the new Sequel to the very much loved and famous novel by the genius Stephen King is released. Only a 36 year wait, huh?

Doctor Sleep tells the story of Danny Torrance, who is now a middle-aged man all_workwho has ‘been drifting for decades, desperate to shed his father’s legacy of despair, alcoholism, and violence’ (as stated by Hodder & Stoughton, Stephen Kings UK publisher). It tells how Danny Torrance’s power is used to aid the dying and provide comfort for their natural anxiety. Danny then comes in contact with a young girl, who also has the power, and whose is extremely strong. They must together fight ‘The True Knot’ who are quasi-immortal beings who thrive off children who have the ‘shining’ power being tortured to death. Literally.

More about the major bad-guys in this anticipated novel? According to Stephen King The True Knot’s ‘don’t like dogs and dogs don’t like them … You might say dogs see through them – to the sharp and watchful eyes behind the cut-rate sunglasses, to the strong and long muscled hunters’ legs beneath the polyester slacks from Wal-Mart, to the sharp teeth beneath the dentures waiting to come out. They don’t like dogs, but they like sick children. Yes, they like sick children very much.’

Personally, I am ecstatic for this novel, being both a huge The Shining and Stephen King fan, this is the best I could have hoped for. Also, personally, I am completely drawn in by the story line and Stephen King is usually not one to disappoint. Anyway, if he has taken 36 years to think up a sequel to probably the most classic book of the past 4 decades, then it is bound to be good? Right? Either way, I know where I will be on the morning of the 24th of September. And no, I am not settling for a Kindle edition…


After scouring the internet for some time, I found Stephen King reading the first chapter of Doctor Sleep- enjoy.

(also, it is very frustrating that such an imaginative  interesting and captivating man has such a monotonic voice)


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