A Good Day to Die Hard- Review

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John McClane travels to Russia in order to check up on his son, Jack, who he believes to be wayward. Jack is disconnected with his father due to their weak relationship, but McClane discovers that he is part of the CIA, who is working on a mission to collect important papers left in Chernobyl, and to discover nuclear weapons. A few things don’t turn out to plan (of course) and the two are forced to pair up and work together.

I am a big Die Hard fan and I do enjoy the action packed films, so what if they aren’t masterpieces, and so what if Bruce Willis actually had hair in the first one, they are thrilling and enjoyable. I desperately tried to enjoy this film, and I entered the cinema screening with the mind set that I would be once again blown away with how cool Bruce Willis is. (Or more importantly, was). I hate to say that I really didn’t enjoy this film as much as I anticipated. What I did get though was a movie saturated with stereotypes; men with neck tattoos and mobsters with hoop earrings.

Now, its not to say that the film was awful (firstly it wasn’t directed by either Ben Affleck of JJ Abrams so it can’t be that bad), it just wasn’t satisfactory. The action scenes were quite impressive, although not unusual, (despite a large chunk of the film being a single car chase), and Bruce Willis did actually use a machine gun. However, these scenes were completely crushed by John Moore’s poor directing, come on; we have all seen a lens glare and quaking movements in the camera before.


There was also a poor script, which mostly consisted of Bruce Willis (John McClane) shouting ‘Jack’ at every opportunity. Not only is the script poor, but the overall story is, (you could break a leg from so many plot holes) and I found myself laughing at most situations and scene jumps. There was no obvious villain, due to the plot jumping this caused even more confusion, and the villain(s) seemed to have no motivation or push behind their deeds, they just appeared to be doing it for the sake of being evil. There also lacked a decent side-kick. Jack (John McClane’s son) was stoic and uninteresting and completely lacked character. Although, I did love the Frank Sinatra reference at the beginning of the film. This did get me quite ecstatic post-reference for about 5 minutes.

The whole movie was full of shoddy one liners that were carelessly thrown into the film, with unfunny ‘banter’ between father and son and then complaining about how awful a dad John McClane was. Even the ‘Yippee Ki-Yay Mother Fucker’ was lost in between poor sound placement, poor dialogue and poor acting. The film even included a proper 80’s ‘pow’ when Bruce Willis hit someone!

But how do you balance all the bad out? You can’t. But you can give it a shot, literally. The film was full of action, with helicopters crashing into buildings, cars flying around, Juggernaut-like-trucks, a handful of explosions and guns galore. But you can’t really expect a well written perfect script, beautiful cinematography and a* acting from a Die Hard film? Can you?

Overall, I think it best to wait for it to come out on DVD, or Sky Movies, or even wait for its Channel 4 release about 3 years later. Either way, I wouldn’t advise a trip to the cinema for it. I am however, happy that I could once again be part of one of John McClane’s adventures, be it awful or not.


I forgive you Bruce Willis please adopt me.


2 thoughts on “A Good Day to Die Hard- Review

  1. Thanks for the like – have a like and a follow – this review is a great review by the way – I think the first Die Hard boasted an excellent script, but that was primarily down to the fact that we were being introduced to the infectious character of John McClane but we all know him by now so you’re right, to expect a perfect script from a Die Hard film is completely unrealistic. I would have liked to have seen a little more plot detail though rather than mindless action but I suppose when you’re watching the 5th installment of a franchise that’s probably wishful thinking to. It’s made big money at the box office so I suppose the studio execs aren’t too bothered! I’ll keep an eye out for your future reviews – thought it was very well written! Thanks for posting!

    • Thank you! I completely agree, I think as we delve deeper into the Die Hard films and John McClane we get less and less captivated, maybe we should have left it shallow. I completely agree with you about plot detail! It kept on jumping, as well as it being weak and sometimes offensive. I gather that the overall opinion on this film is disappointing, I think the big shots will be rather disappointed with the outcome the dvd release brings! Thank you again.

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