Looper- Sci-fi has a promising future.


A good measure of if you have made it in the Film Industry? Make a gripping time travel movie. Rian Johnson has made it in the Film Industry. What do you need for a good Sci-Fi thriller? Excitement? Suspense? Elegance? Well hats off to Rian Johnson. I just can’t give this film enough praise. With the film just being released on DVD, this is the perfect time to go see it if you have missed out.

This film is set in the future, both in 2044, and 30 years after, in 2074. In 2074 time-travel is invented, and anxious for any mishaps, the government ban it. With mobsters still existing during this time, they need a way to kill, and with the government having a forensic team that would put CSI to shame, this task is extremely tedious. This is where the ‘Looper’ is involved. Loopers are paid to kill the ‘troublesome’ once the mobsters send them back 30 years, the Loopers are then paid in silver bars strapped to the bodies of the victims. The problem with Loopers? They eventually have to close the loop, due to the information that they have obtained of the mobsters. The mobsters then catch hold of the Loopers in 2074, and send them back 30 years to 2044, so that their younger selves can kill them, ultimately murdering themselves. The story follows Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) being faced with his older self (Bruce Willis), and the somehow evaded execution.

Looper is exciting, it is new, and can be likened with James Cameron’s The Terminator. This tale grips you with unlimited tension and suspense, and minor plot holes seem like speckles due to the extremely pleasing visual effect this film has. This movie proves that no set is too big, and no piece to small for attention, ever minor details are accounted for. Similarly, most filmmakers who make time-travel films resort to clichés and do not ponder  on plot details, and although it does not seem any more realistic than any other time-travel films, it feels and looks it. This may be due to the small differences from the world we live in today, rather than hover boards that instigated so much hope for 2013 in Back to the Future.

Futhermore, despite Joseph Gordon-Levitt being plastered in prosetetic to give him the old ‘Bruce Willis’ look, his acting was still superb. My impression and respect for him has drastically improved since Looper, because I wasn’t too won over in 500 Days of Summer. This was also not an easy role ( I presume), playing a heroic villain (I know this is an oxymoron, however, this is what he is) seems like a difficult thing to do, and he did an excellent job of winning over the audience and captivating them. Despite his gruesome killings due to his chosen occupation, you still feel connected with the character.

This film has everything that is needed in a good film, it captivates, it enriches, and it entertains. Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t enlighten me to be a better person, but it most certainly entertained me. I look forward to my next viewing and isn’t that what Film is really about?


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