David Bowie- The Genius. Prospect of a new album and a new tour.

As I turn up the volume of my record player, blasting out ‘Changes’ I sing a long with the main man in my life, David Bowie (sad, I know). My friends don’t show too much interest towards this musical genius, despite them knowing everything about him, thanks to my excessive and obsessive knowledge on the legend that is- Bowie.

Back to my original meaning to this post- the prospect of a new album, and, the one Bowie fans across the world have been silently tumblr_m9n52l7Rl51r0gqpso1_250hoping for, for 10 years, a new tour.

As you may have noticed from the overtake of Twitter and YouTube (occasionally Facebook), David Bowie has just released a new song, ‘Where Are We Now’ (which will be part of his ‘The Next Day’ album release) to coincide with his 66th birthday. In my opinion, the song is fantastic, obviously not as good as his older pieces, but who would expect a 66 year old man to produced BETTER music than when they were in their mid- 20’s.

Now, the thing I like and respect about Bowie is that he hasn’t lost in like some of the music industries treasures such as McCartney, Dylan , Jagger and Elton John (although Dylan could never really sing in the first place). You can still hear Bowie’s unusual tone and pronunciation in his newer stuff. Not only this, but Bowie isn’t one of those artists who feels like he constantly needs to release new material or go on tour. He can go on a 10 year break because he is David Bowie. 

Back to the song, I think it is catchy, it is incredibly beautiful (especially for a song that talks about German transport) and I just love Bowie’s tone in his songs, and he has still got it. Bowie is fantastic, and I have no doubt that this album will blow everything out of the water. I am ecstatic for his tour and I will pay obscene amounts of money. Who needs Glastonbury, who needs Isle of Wight, who needs Reading and Leeds? Everyone needs a bit of Bowie in their lives.

I shall leave you with this prosperous advice ‘More Bowie, less Towie’. 


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