I could not tell which of two names would be most appropriate, and it took me a lot of pointless deliberating. It seems quite silly as I start to write. The official title of this is the latter. Prologue seemed inadequate, probably due to the face that it is used for a separate introduction and this is not Literature nor Music. This is neither, sadly. Although I do suppose that it will lead to a future event, or so I hope. Prelude seemed more appropriate, with this being my actual introduction. Enough on the introduction title and start with the actual introduction.
I have decided to start a blog, criticizing and praising (or both) certain things. Movies to Art and anything in-between really. The reason for this action, which is usually far from my nature, is that Twitter is getting tired of my own nagging’s and I am tired of the inadequate and measly maximum of 140 characters. It is extremely tedious attempting to get your appraisal or criticism across to however many followers in under 140 characters, to people that most probably don’t care. Assuming that you care, of course (I doubt you do).
However, that is my reasoning, I hope to keep this blog updated and not watch it swirl down the endless, metaphorical plug hole that is ‘my attempts’.
That is all, thank you for you’re time, and treat me nicely Word Press


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